Jobs in 2013?

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Jobs in 2013

Will there be any Jobs Hiring in 2013?

Well, just a few days away from the Fiscal cliff, and the inevitable crash of an already beat up economy?
I doubt seriously that we will see ANY NEW JOBS in the 1st quarter of 2013!
(At least not the kind that will build the economy back up).

Unemployment Deepens Storm’s Loss as Businesses Stay Closed
New York Times
In the Rockaways, none of the 450 employees of the Madelaine Chocolate Company will receive a paycheck this week.
Until a few days ago, the floor of the company’s 200,000-square-foot complex was a muddy, sludgy, chocolaty mess, and its factory has …

It is true a lot of states are seeing a decrease in unemployment numbers, but that is mainly due to Holiday hiring, and Part time jobs with NO Benefits or Health Care.

Just look at the recent news reports on unemployment :

Springfield unemployment rises back into double-digits

Congress Needs to Extend Emergency Unemployment Insurance – Now.

Federal unemployment benefits extension for 45000 Massachusetts residents

 With strong employment numbers, some unemployment benefits have expired, some
even cut. “The unemployment rate is down so that’s good, but to people who aren’t finding
jobs what are we supposed to do now that they are going to cut the unemployment, I’ve
got to get out there and work harder to and find something,”  David Markin

All we have are the current facts, and can not predict the future, but Washington/Senate and
Obama Cabinet, have not passed a budget in 4 years – so I expect they will at best kick the
Financial can down into 2013. Washington DC is Broke/n!

If you want a fighting chance and take the entrepreneur spirit follow me and my team
“Were Hiring”, so at least you can decide to fail or succeed financially on your terms.
Your fun job is waiting, and it is working for yourself! 

Good Luck and God Bless –

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