Working Part Time on Your Fortune?

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Did you know that 60% of baby boomers have lost almost all their savings and 25 percent over the age of 65 say they can afford to retire

Did you know that 80% of college kids will move back home before the age of 30,
help for building your fortune

Did you know that there are 12 .8 million graduates that are underemployed and 54 percent of those are unemployed

Now you are beginning to see why the baby boomers can’t afford to retire and I’ve gone through their savings supporting their young graduates

Well it is no wonder why there are 91 million network marketers in the industry today, and only 1 percent of those are making over $400 per month!? 

As a matter of fact 99% of those network marketers, (work from home) folks never see a commission check!  

“For things to change … you must change”! Making your fotune part time online will not ever be easy, but it is being done every day by people who do the work required.
You are not a failure – until you make an excuse.

I invite you to work part time with me in my 90 day plan of “Part time fortune”.  I have a simple day by day road map with personal coaching to help you become the best that you are capable of. Is it in You?

Connect with me and learn more about your fortune here!
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